Teresa Krieger

Artist Name:
Teresa Krieger

From: Frisco TX

Style: Impressionistic

Media: Oil

Subject: Landscapes, Flowers, Bodies of Water, Sailboats

Art Value: $385 - $480

Los Gatos Afternoon - Painting

Teresa Krieger

My quest is to capture the ‘awe’ of creation through painting, and so to inspire others.

My experience is that scenes of beauty and grandeur awaken our senses and bring peace into our stressful lives.

I have been very blessed to travel to many beautiful places in the world observing
with a keen eye the complexity of nature. I sometimes attempt to capture beauty through painting ‘en Plein air”.

My paintings follow the impressionistic style inspired by the early California painters. My mediums are oil and acrylics with expressive brushwork to create excitement in the artwork.

Sailboats of Santa Cruz- Painting

Gallery Artwork

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