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Artist Name:
Saben Skaria

From: San Jose, CA. Originally from India

Style: Representational Art

Media: Acrylic, Mixed Media (sand and acrylic)

Subject: Relationships, Flowers, Nature

Art Value: $500 - $1,000

Relationship - by Saben Skaria

Saben Skaria

The artist is a self-taught beginner from India. 

The artist’s inspiration is drawn from relationships and nature. Human relationships are so intricate. The artist believes that relationships cannot be described by words alone.

Every glance, touch and body language convey much more feeling and depth than words can express. If we pause and look around us, we are fortunate to visually experience the hidden feelings as a child wraps her arms around her mother, the husband holds his wife’s hand, a younger sibling looks up to her older one and so forth.

The artist’s work is being displayed at the Reflections Elegante Fine Art Gallery in Willow Glen, San Jose, CA.

Flower and Hummingbird - by Saben-Skaria

Gallery Artwork

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The artwork below represents what is currently available for sale in the Reflections Elegante Fine Art Gallery.

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