R.A. Smooler - Artist

Artist Name:
R.A. Smoller

From: Born in Philadelphia, PA, currently living in Los Angeles, CA

Style: Representational, Abstract

Media: Digital painter and photographer

Subject: Flowers and any subject and/or image is “grist for the mill.”

Art Value: $950.00

Multi-colored flowers - by R.A. Smoller

R. A. Smoller

Most of my earlier work included art furniture, jewelry, and photography. Aside from my diploma in graphic design, I am a self-taught, digital painter and only started painting at the age of 66. I see my art as visual storytelling. I love to juxtapose representational images to create personal narratives.


Each work is deliberative, conscious and responsive to a particular set of prevailing emotions. As an “emerging artist” at age 69, I’m just thrilled to be out there (or anywhere for that matter) and have my work seen.


Most recently, one of my paintings was selected as a finalist in the international juried competition, “Leaves and Petals” (2019) sponsored by the Fusion Gallery in Palm Springs, CA. Four of my paintings were also selected by this gallery, Reflections Elegante. I hold an M.A.- University of Illinois; B.S.- Temple University; Teaching credentials- UCLA; Diploma- Platt College of Art & Design.

Purple Tulips - by R.A. Smoller

Gallery Artwork

Purple brush stroke divider

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