Patricia Emerson Mitchell

Artist Name:
Patricia Emerson Mitchell

From: San Jose, CA (*well, born in Pasadena, but I’ve lived here since I was two!)

Style: Fine art photography, Flower photography, Macro photography, Nature photography

Media: Photographic prints

Subject: Flowers, Insects, & Nature

Art Value: $175 - $525

Lathyrus - photograph by Patricia Mitchell

Patricia Mitchell

As a professional oboist and English hornist, I think a lot about line. I think about the journey, via the progression of simple notes, both performer and listener take through the wonder of music. I also think about tone color and how the timbre of a note can affect our ears.

For me it is so very similar to what I think of with photography — so much is about line and color, but it’s the eyes that are affected instead of the ears. Both music and photography are about a vision of sorts, and both can powerfully affect the heart. 

I continue to want to see our world in new ways. I like to take the “all of it” and whittle it down to a minimum. I then take that small image and show it larger, so I can truly see what is there and show others a different way of seeing.

There is so much in an inch or two of space: the curve of a petal, the drop of dew, a pollen covered bee, the stigma and stamen of a flower. Sometimes I then take a step back and capture a bit more, seeing how that small amount of space fits into the larger one. My world is in a constant state of increase and decrease, large and small. 

I love to take long strolls with a camera. I do a lot of looking down, and I find treasures very near my feet. At times I also remember to look up and see wonders above as well. Our world is full of amazing things.

I see this especially in my own neighborhood since my walks (and my photographs) frequently take place within a five-mile radius of my house in Willow Glen. If you live in this neighborhood you just might recognize something here: the majority of the images are from my local walks. We live in an amazing area, full of beauty.


Osteospermum - photograph by Patricia Mitchell

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