Patricia Dennis - Photographer

Artist Name:
Patricia Dennis

From: Campbell, CA

Style: Nature - Impressionistic

Media: Photography some mixed media

Subject: Landscapes, Street Photography, Wildlife, and Macro Photography

Art Value: $225 - $400

Patricia Dennis

A California native, raised and currently residing in Campbell area, Patricia is an accomplished photographer whose style has been described by many as eclectic.

Her award-winning art has been on display in shows and galleries throughout the area.

In the artist’s words:

“Nature is my inspiration. My burning passion is to capture the beauty that I see, regardless of the subject, and be able to represent it in such a way that the viewer feels the awe as well. I want my final rendition to result in a visual poetry that weaves hidden words, lines, dramatic color and textures of the surrounding scene. The painter in me has been known at times to surface to create an impressionistic version of the subject matter. I feel that the interaction between photographer, subject and the viewer is a never-ending cycle which constantly inspires fresh outlooks and ideas within us all”.

Patricia’s Website:

Gallery Artwork

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