Noah Gould

Artist Name:
Noah Gould

From: Aptos, CA


Media: Oil

Subject: Landscape

Art Value: $1,500

View of Bixby Bridge - painting by Noah Gould

Noah Gould

Noah Gould is a third-generation oil painter who’s early training by his father Marc Gould from the age of 14, until attending university, gave Gould an edge within his field.

Growing up learning the tradecraft and artistry of maintaining a painting studio, inspired within Gould a true love and respect for the medium of oil painting. 

As a young artist, Gould thrived on pushing the boundaries of oil painting, both in relation to his own capabilities in academic painting, and the mediums inherent ‘meaning’ (form and function) within the cultural discourse. He would frequently combine performance, sculpture, and poetry with his painting practice to bring out uncommon points of departure to confound and delight his audience.

Gould inspires his peers to push limitations in art-making and has co-produced many projects in collaboration with other artists, including his Father in an ongoing series they call ‘Artenemys’ which has had 20 years of production to date and well over 100 large scale paintings produced.

 Gould; although educated within the institution, maintains a wild, untamed sensibility. His father never pursued a degree and much of this classless, unrestricted philosophy towards Art drives Gould’s practice forward, giving him the inspiration to stay current, fresh and engaged. Gould even coined the term ‘Momentism’ to describe this ethic in art-making.

 In the last 15 years, Gould has excelled professionally as a portrait painter, patrons both within the United States and internationally have commissioned Gould to paint their portraits, and his work can be found in many fine private collections.  During this same period, Gould taught painting to a dedicated following of students along California’s central coast. Teaching portrait technique as well as Plein Air and studio painting.

 In describing Gould’s painting, one could say he has dynamism in all he produces. Life is present within a Gould landscape; the soul can be seen in the eye of a portrait he has made.

In his modernist or ‘Momentist’ works, humor and a confrontational posture are taken in regards to cultural critique and concern with the zeitgeist. Gould has a restless personality as an artist and a critic, animated by intelligent observation, wit and at times outrage.

His artwork speaks to these sometimes-contrasting themes, moments in culture, the beauty, and the hideousness within us and about us. With his brush, Gould imbues unfiltered life into his paintings

Slough Looking South - painting by Noah Gould

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