Kofi Amoa - Artist

Artist Name:
Kofi Amoa

From: Originally from Detroit, MI, but has been living in the Bay area for the last 10 years

Style: Focusing on ethereal architectural photos and portraits.

Media: Print photographs, either giclee prints or silver gelatin, depending on the medium

Subject: Most photographs are portraits or architectural based.

Art Value: Starting at $450 framed

Into the Bay - by Kofi Amoa

Kofi Amoa

I am a firm believer in the sublime and haunting beauty of the world.  There are so many moments, so many intricacies that we often miss in our everyday lives.


My work is meant to capture some of those moments to provide a different perspective on the world that you see. To shift the real to the surreal in a way that allows even fleeting moments to be drawn out so the full scope of beauty and imagination can be captured.


My mission is not to tell viewers how to think about such experience, or even how I think about it. Rather, it is to give you the opportunity to explore the different aspects of experience, of feeling like you are in a dream while forming your own interpretation of what you are seeing.


Contact Information

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 415 323 3149

IG: @amoaphotography

Twitter: @amoaphotography

FB: @amoaphotography

The Lighthouse - by Kofi Amoa

Gallery Artwork

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The artwork below represents what is currently available for sale in the Reflections Elegante Fine Art Gallery.

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