Joseph Richardson - Artist

Artist Name:
Joseph Richardson

From: San Jose CA

Style: Painterly Realism

Media: Oil

Subject: Landscape/Stories

Art Value: $400 - $1,200

Forging Mh'allenir Wheel of Time - by Joseph Richardson

Joseph richardson

Joseph is a hobbyist oil painter with a passion for landscapes and growing into other subjects. Joseph has always enjoyed seeing captivating landscape paintings that would just capture his attention forget what he was doing and soak in the painting, enjoying the moment.


Joseph began his painting career recently when laid off from his job unexpectedly in August 2017. It began when Joseph decided he needed new hobbies to occupy most of the days and so archery, guitar, and painting started.


Joseph started with acrylic paint to get the basics of how the brush feels and color theory until he gathered the courage to finally start oil painting. Once the oil paints started in December 2017 they have not stopped.


After about a year of making gifts for friends, and family, enrolling in a few Udemy courses and dozens of YouTube videos, Joseph was watching a video with Stefan Baumann on composition and painting light and saw Stefan had remote sessions over the phone coaching, and Joseph decided to call. It has been close to a year since Joseph made that call and through Stefan’s coaching has grown into the artist you see today.


Joseph’s goal is to grow as an artist that will bring people into a short story, make them wonder where the landscape is or where does this path leads to, and above all bring a person into the moment of wondrous illusion.

Alviso Marina County Park Moment 1 Old Boat Dreams - by Joseph Richardson

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