Jan Zeigler - Artist

Artist Name:
Jan Zeigler

From: Seaside, CA


Media: Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil

Subject: Landscape. Seascape

Art Value: $195 - 350

Wood, Jacks Peak - Painting

Jan Zeigler

Artwork is part of the magic poem of my life.  I always hope to delight you.  For oils and watercolors, I paint both plein air and from photos (only my own photos).

Backroads and trails beckon me. 

For papercuts or work with decorative papers, I work at home, sometimes (often) losing track of time and place.

Think: Transport.

I studied art in college and with individual instructors for years.

Two of my paintings were chosen to hang in the main lobby of the Monterey County Court building for a year.

Twice I won “Best in Show” at Monterey County Fair (I only entered twice).

My art is in local shows, private collections worldwide and two galleries, Reflections Elegante.

I live with my wonderful photographer husband, William Zeigler, in Seaside California.  Come on by.

Seascape - Painting

Gallery Artwork

Purple brush stroke divider

The artwork below represents what is currently available for sale in the Reflections Elegante Fine Art Gallery.

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